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Minority Rights Group conducted research on language, ethnicity and Covid-19 vaccine confidence among indigenous Amazigh communities in Algeria. This bulletin complements the findings of the first instalment published in February 2022.
This report provides a brief analysis of the monitoring efforts from January 2021 (the beginning of the vaccine campaign in Algeria) to March 2022. The findings of this study are drawn from social media monitoring of Facebook conducted through CrowdTangle (based on tracking keyword combinations), the monitoring of the official Algerian news site, Algérie Presse Service (APS) through a social media listening tool, and four focus group discussions with Amazigh representatives.
The report highlights the following key findings:
Although results are complex and not definitive, they lead to a preliminary indication that language and ethnicity do matter when using social media to convey vaccination information and pro-vaccination campaigns. Unlike reports from some other African settings, our data supports the view that in Algeria vaccine confidence may be a more important barrier to vaccine uptake than access restrictions. Lack of accessibility or linguistic disparities in health care and in particular fact-based information on vaccines contributes to the risk of minorities having a less well-informed understanding of the issue and as a result lacking facts to counter misinformation.
In the current Algeria context, our research suggests that investing in national level efforts may reap low results and that a more effective approach would be to invest in local level efforts, with the visible involvement of trusted health professionals, religious leaders and others not associated with national politics, which carries a high risk of wholescale discounting or disregarding of information as a result of strong levels of distrust.

This Bulletin was published in the context of MRG’s Diversity: Impact on Vaccine Equality (DIVE) programme (2021-2022).
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