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Danish job board Jobindex reported 27,600 new job advertisements were posted online in December 2022 on a seasonally adjusted basis.
Jobindex noted that at the start of the year, the Danish Job Index set a record, in both January and February, of 33,800 new job ads online. Since then, the number of new job adverts placed online has fallen significantly. In October, the number of new job adverts online fell to 27,400. Since then, the number of new job adverts placed online has stabilised with November also posting over 27,000 job ads online.
According to Jobindex, while there was a significant drop in the number of job adverts posted online, the level is ‘not low’, adding that there is continued momentum in the labour market. 
A level of just over 27,000 job adverts posted online per month corresponds to the level in spring 2021, when many companies were looking for employees after the previous winter’s shutdowns. 
“So there is no immediate question of a crisis on the job market, but the companies seem to be adapting to the more uncertain economic times,” Jobindex stated.
“However, the fall in the number of new job advertisements means that it has become more uncertain whether the increase in employment can be expected to continue over the coming months,” Jobindex stated. “Conversely, the number of job advertisements posted online does not indicate a significant increase in unemployment either. Many companies are still looking for new employees.”
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