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Why is it that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seem to hate Britain? What did we do to deserve such contempt?
When Meghan became engaged to Harry, she was hailed as a royal breath of fresh air, feted wherever she went and treated to a £31million wedding at public expense.
Then she suddenly styled herself as a victim. A victim of racism, hatred and British snobbery. Ground down by the royal establishment, hounded by a hostile media and tortured by internet trolls.
Judging from the latest Netflix trailer – which oozes syrup and poison in equal measure – the Sussexes’ six-part documentary is a comprehensive hatchet job on Harry’s family and his country.
Judging from the latest Netflix trailer – which oozes syrup and poison in equal measure – the Sussexes’ six-part documentary is a comprehensive hatchet job on Harry’s family and his country
Britain has a proud record of anti-racism and opportunity for all. That’s why so many people of all races and creeds go to incredible lengths to come here.
To portray us, as this film clearly will, as bigoted and hate-filled is an outrageous calumny. They are gaslighting an entire nation to suit their own tawdry agenda.
The truth is that the tide of British public opinion turned against them only because of their manipulative behaviour and all-consuming narcissism.
The documentary is clearly going to be a grotesque parody. It may be their truth but it certainly isn’t one recognised by millions in this country. It is also deeply cruel and spiteful – not least to Harry’s long-suffering brother and his wife.
If they hate the monarchy so much, why not voluntarily give up their royal titles, as 98 per cent of readers in our Mail+ poll suggest they should? To be associated with such a tainted institution must be a terrible burden for them to bear.
Behold the second coming of New Labour! The face of the messiah has changed but the message is the same. Believe in the sacred project and a land of milk and honey awaits.
A workers’ paradise where poverty is banished, the forces of Conservatism routed, the House of Lords abolished and the bosses brought to heel.
Just don’t ask awkward questions, such as: ‘Why didn’t you sort this stuff out during your last 13 years in power?’ Or: ‘How are you going to help me pay my gas bill?’
This religion requires blind faith. Last time round it was Tony Blair offering a New Jerusalem (and look how that ended). Today it’s Sir Keir Starmer.
In a blizzard of cliches, he laid out his vision for how a Labour government would delegate power to the regions, based on a weighty report by Gordon Brown.
There was a plan for an elected House of Lords, which New Labour tried and failed to achieve last time, and much blather about greater devolution.
But strangely nothing about tackling the cost of living crisis, illegal migration, the crumbling NHS, or crippling strikes.
It’s a mark of how low the Tories have sunk that such a mediocre politician has managed to take Labour into a 20-point lead in the polls.
There’s no real love for him in the country and little confidence that he holds the answer to Britain’s problems, which of course he doesn’t.
But unless Rishi Sunak can convince the public that the Tories still have the energy and appetite to govern, Sir Keir will stroll into Downing Street unopposed.
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