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A Woodstock man accused of raping eight women he met through online sex ads was sentenced this afternoon to 36 years in prison.
Charles Oliver, 46, was convicted by a McHenry County jury in February of criminal sexual assault and unlawful restraint of a 22-year-old woman in his home in November 2012. In March, he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a second woman he had met on Craigslist and paid for sex.
In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors dropped the remaining six cases against Oliver and agreed not to press any new charges should additional claims be made.
“Sir, this court finds you to truly be a predator,” Judge Sharon Prather told Oliver. “You had no (regard) for these women. … You treated them horribly. … You humiliated and degraded them. … I saw the fear and terror in the faces of many of those women.”
Authorities said Oliver had a pattern of meeting women online and agreeing to exchange money for sex with them. But after taking them back to his home, he became threatening, verbally abusive and, in some cases, violent, and forced the women to perform acts to which they had not agreed. He often videotaped these acts.
During his trial, videos were shown of Oliver engaging in sex with the two victims he’s convicted of raping. In one video, Oliver is seen forcing himself on the second victim and verbally berating her. The woman is seen and heard crying and saying, “no,” “stop” and “you’re scaring me.” Oliver could be heard saying, “I don’t have to listen to you. I paid you.”
Both women testified at Oliver’s trial, describing similar encounters.
Police said Oliver also stole women’s IDs and threatened to expose them as prostitutes if they reported what he had done, authorities said.
During a search of Oliver’s Woodstock home, authorities discovered zip ties, police scanners, personal items belonging to several different women and a large volume of photographs and videos that he had made of himself having sex with various women.
Following the trial, rape victim advocates lauded the conviction, which they said dispels the dangerous fallacy that someone who accepts money for sex does not have the right to say no.
Before handing down her sentence, Prather told Oliver that he had made a choice to  pick “vulnerable women” to abuse. He took advantage of the fact that they were troubled and that they would be reluctant to report him because they had offered sex for money, the judge said.
Prather noted that she had “the displeasure” of viewing the many sex videos he had made of the women.
Woodstock Police Detective George Kopulos took the stand today and said there were other women he had seen on Oliver’s sex videos who had not yet been identified. One woman “was tied up and screaming,” the detective said.
“We still have concerns about her safety and where she is located,” Kopulos said.
Kopulos said detectives have reached out to other states trying to reach other women seen in photographs and on videos retrieved from Oliver’s home.
Oliver also admitted to having herpes and still choosing not to wear condoms, the officer said.
Woodstock Police Detective Robbie Branum testified about another woman whose mother had reported she had been raped. The woman agreed to sex for money and gave an account similar to other victims.
She met Oliver through and he picked her up in Rockford. Oliver he gave her $40  to buy drugs, then they went back to his home where he became threatening and belligerent, Branum said.
In the basement, he told her, “She was gonna do whatever he said if she was gonna go home,” Branum said.
At one point he gave her a gun and told her to point it at him, when she could not comply with his demands he took it away from her and said, “You’ll never be in control.”
Oliver also friended this woman’s mother on Facebook and began threatening that he would rape her daughter again, Branum said.
Prosecutors also played recorded jailhouse phone calls where Oliver is heard saying to an unidentified man: “I should have killed them it would have been easier.”
In another phone call, he is heard saying, “What was I supposed to do? Pluck women on the street or go in a schoolyard?”
Defense attorney Jeff Altman said Oliver had no other criminal history and believed he could be rehabilitated.
“He lived a relatively normal life, but for the fact that he frequented the company of prostitutes,” Altman said, adding that there is nothing that he has done that indicates he “should be locked up of the rest of his life.” | Twitter: @TribLocal
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