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San Francisco is in the midst of an ongoing housing crisis. Finding an affordable and nice place to live can be all but impossible.
So when faced with the decision to leave her sensible place in the San Francisco neighborhood of Nob Hill behind for graduate school, a woman on Craigslist came up with a genius strategy to go to school and keep her apartment. 
Her solution? Marriage. 
Take a look. The anonymous woman posted a hilariously detailed ad on Craigslist on February 17. You can see it in full here.
First, the woman describes her apparently incredible apartment, including a “80 square foot kitchen space,” and “space to cartwheel in the bathroom.” 
“You can have it all,” she writes. “A healthy, extremely overpriced salad from Whole Foods is a mere 10 minute walk away.”
People have been known to use Craigslist for all sorts of outlandish things, like this Chicago man who offered a reward to anyone who could help him catch the person who defecated on his Tesla. Or this man who’s Craigslist roommate wound up on “America’s Most Wanted.” Of course, like many of the post on Business Insider’s list of the funniest Craigslist ads of all time, it’s often impossible to verify ads like this one.
The woman says she will be returning from business school in two years and wants to resume her lease when she gets back to California. There’s just one catch. She can’t legally sublease her apartment to anyone who isn’t family, so she’s looking for a man or woman willing to say “I do” and takeover the lease during the months she’s away. She’s even drafted up some vows.

We were sold! But when we attempted to contact the poster on Craiglist, the website just showed this error message. 

If you are seeking an apartment — and a partner — in the Bay Area, we hope for your sake that this post is real. And if you have any luck contacting your new bride, let us know. It sounds a whole lot better than this crawl space which was advertised for rent (just $500 a month!) on Craigslist back in 2015. 
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