Coronavirus Daily: What the World Can Learn From Ecuador – Bloomberg

Bloomberg: Balance of Power focuses on the politics and policies being shaped by the agenda of President Biden’s administration.
Bloomberg: Balance of Power focuses on the politics and policies being shaped by the agenda of President Biden’s administration.
If a green pivot is to happen, power grids must become “supergrids,” continent-spanning networks that can move green energy thousands of miles. The technology is here, but politics may stand in the way.
Traders and Consumers Lower Their Expectations for US Inflation
American, JetBlue Expand Operating Partnership Challenged by DOJ
Euro-Zone Banks Return Another €447.5 Billion in ECB Funding
Fed Expected to Keep Peak Rates for Longer, Dashing Hopes for 2023 Cuts
Philippines Sees Wider Balance of Payments Gap, Lower Reserves
Congo Seals Vodacom Offices, Freezes Bank Accounts in Tax Dispute
Tesla to Suspend Output at China Factory Later This Month
Spyware Hacks of Federal Workers Could Run Into Hundreds, Lawmaker Says
NY’s Metropolitan Opera Says Cyberattack Disrupted Website, Box Office
Rapid-Delivery Startup Getir Buys Rival Gorillas in $1.2 Billion Deal
US Warns of Expanding Russia, Iran Military Partnership
Biden to Support African Union Becoming a Permanent G-20 Member
US Household Net Worth Falls for Third-Straight Quarter on Stock Retreat
Surging Heating Costs Squeeze Landlords and Threaten Higher Rents
Neymar Ties Pelé’s All-time Record With Brazil At World Cup
Brazil And Croatia Go to Penalties At World Cup At 1-1
The Harry and Meghan Show Is a Royal Knockout
Bye-Bye Big Bang: UK Reforms Are an Exercise in Political Theater
Manchin’s Energy-Permit Plan Can Still Be Salvaged
Royal Caribbean CFO Says Experience Seekers Are Fueling Comeback
The High Price of Bad Business: Corporate America’s Biggest Settlements
Some Bosses Embrace Work From Home to Keep Wages Down
Czech Economist Aiming to Be First Female President Takes Lead
NY Law Opens Way for Flood of Sex-Abuse Suits, No Matter How Old
Keystone’s Latest Oil Spill Is One of the Largest of the Past Decade
Big Oil Accused by House Panel of Preventing Action on Climate Change
Maryland’s New Governor on Baltimore’s Red Line: ‘We’re Going to Get it Done’
Uber Sues NYC Taxi Commission to Block Rate Hike for Drivers
New York City’s Popular Online Tree Map Gets a Big Update
This Week in Crypto (Podcast)
Crypto’s Amber to End Chelsea Sponsorship, Axe Over 40% of Jobs in FTX Fallout
A Handful of Simple Rules Might Have Prevented FTX’s Demise
Residents wait in line to receive Covid-19 vaccine doses in Quito, Ecuador.

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Here’s the latest news from the pandemic.
Ecuador is starting to vaccinate children as young as 3 — with babies and toddlers likely next — and easing Covid restrictions. It’s a massive turnaround for a health system so overwhelmed at the onset of the pandemic that desperate people abandoned dead loved ones wrapped in plastic on sidewalks. 


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