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Picture or it didn’t happen
Video just to make sure
Omg! Me and my Ex
Just close your curtains or blinds if you want to get frisky and keep the volume down.
Sounds like me and my husband would do something like that. We’re in our room, why shut off the lights? Lol 🤷‍♀️
Mind your own business. The amount of money you spend you should be able to do it outside.
So someone invades your privacy inside your premium resort room and somehow the guests are in the wrong? Shame on Disney, no one should be able to look intp your $500+ a night getaway. Anyone chiding this couple needs to mond their business and get help.
Well said So agreed
Do what u want after a long day walking around a park surrounded by all the kids you need a great night like there’s you pay to much money not to be able to enjoy your self as u like in your own room once your own kids are the lady who had such a issue must not get any from her husband lol
What he said☝️
Pro tip: the best way to avoid seeing other people having sax in their room is to not look in other people’s windows.
So; no sex is allowed at the happiest place on earth❓
You’re a peeping tom. Get over it.
Exactly 💯 . That’s what I say if you’re in your own room in your curtains don’t open and you feel like doing what you want with your man or a woman you shouldn’t have to worry “oh my God let me go shut the curtain and the lights! If people don’t want to see a show and view it don’t look into people’s rooms.period!!
“You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on The Discovery Channel…”
-Bloodhound Gang -The Bad Touch
Well, it is called Animal Kingdom…
Ikr. It didn’t happen. Imo. Next they will be complaining about vague booby formations in the clouds
She could have turned away. The couple was in their private space. They had no duty to protect a peeping tom.
She was going by the cabins on a boat! Apparently they didn’t close the curtains nor did they turn off the lights. They did have a duty to protect their privacy from possible young viewers!
stop looking in people’s windows.
if you don’t want your children to see something you aren’t ready for them to see, don’t let them look in people’s windows.
if you can’t control your children and they look, then you should be ready to explain anything they see through that portal into someone’s privacy.
Mind your own business you peeping pervert.
Kinda sounds like they did have curtains closed just didn’t turn out the lights. Kids don’t care about what’s happening in other rooms. They’re too busy being spoiled! And no… Shame on Disney for “this kind of behavior is strictly prohibited”; you do realize you’re talking about sex which is a natural adult thing to do yes? You can’t keep your guests from doing what’s natural and NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
Honey nowadays kids only need their phones or TV to view that if someone’s in their own room even if you’re walking by grown ups or young children shouldn’t be looking in people’s windows. And how the hell did you see that far from a boat ?? What did she have binoculars?? Like I’m sure they didn’t get freaky on a boat??? It’s always vice versa if someone else does it it’s wrong but if they did it they would say the same s*** don’t look
Exactly. Id loge to watch what happens if that woman were to lodge a compliant and get slapped with a fine, or even just have to answer to a cop. 🤣
Was it Mickey & Minnie again 🤷
At their age highly unlikely Mickey could lift Minnie that high!🤔
Wow! At their age Mickey can still hoist Minnie up on the kitchen counter! Impressed!!
It seems like someone needs to mind their own business and stop peeping past the privacy shades.
So the hell what. Sec is illegal in your room now? Big deal.
Only straight sex, other kinds may be performed anywhere at any time with legal protection.
Now that hit the nail on the head!!! They promote any other kind. Have whole weeks dedicated to that.!!!
Sounds like she witnessed some humans procreating in their natural habitat. Nature can shock you at times.
MYOB ❤ Love Rules ❤
If only there was a way to, I don’t know, not look?
Big deal, the writer of this story is still a Virgin.
Won’t somebody *please* think of the children!
You mean the children who aren’t paying attention to people’s rooms because they’re too busy PLAYING and GETTING SPOILED?? Those children?
Isn’t being a peeping Tom a crime? She literally confessed.
Surprised Disney didn’t want to charge you for watching some Disney Magic
That’s flipping downright hilarious!!!
As priceless as that is, better keep it on the down low though…wouldn’t want to give Mr. Big Easrs any more Big $$$ Ideas!!!
So teaching children about fruit loop alphabet people and their sexual perversions is ok, but two normal people having sex is bad? Smh
You just won the internet!
Man shut your whore mouth. Straight sex is disgusting and we all know females are a breeding ground for disease.
“Straight sex” is how we all came into existence. So it isn’t disgusting. I’m not a male feminist but saying women are a breeding ground for disease is very sexist.
I’m surprised that someone is complaining about something free that was actually happening in someone else’s room. I think I’d sue the reporting person for peeping in my window . Perv.
She was just pissed she wasn’t getting any
Sounds like he had the lightning lane pass for Slinky Dog Dash!
Article: “We do not appreciate the unwanted obacene show. Please shut your curtains.”
My response: “The obscene show is optional. Please shut your eyes.”
Must have been straight. I can understand how that might be traumatic to the modern, sexually confused Disney fan.
Because straight sex is gross and dangerous. It can literally give you crotch goblins. Smh.
mfs say this and then say “im not gay” be fr💀💀
Idk about Florida laws, but California (so, Disneyland OG) has a long tested expectation of privacy. Meaning, you can complain your brains out, but that couple was perfectly within their rights (in California) , and you can even get into legal trouble for watching them – we used to call such people “peeing toms”…
If only there was a way for the couple to have….I don’t know blocked the window with some sort of fabric? Maybe a curtain?
Where?I dont see anything
So looking into someone’s hotel room could be considered voyerism which is a crime!!! They shouldn’t be looking into peoples rooms!!!
I told Goofy to close the curtains 🙄
So what! Isn’t this the way Disney’s philosophy is heading anyway?
The fact that the only reason she saw was because she went by on a boat means the couple had a reasonable expectation of privacy. If I am in a remote cabin with a window facing the water, I wouldn’t think that anyone would be looking in. This isn’t a case where they opened the curtain of an All-Star window that faces a walkway. Someone accidentally saw a private act of two people who were alone and didn’t know someone would be cruising by able to look into their window. Turn away and be happy for them having an enjoyable moment together in a magical place.
I worked at Disney as a housekeeper for a long time. Those new cabins have huge windows, and if the boat is passing by, people will be able to see what other guests are doing inside those cabins if the curtains are open. Maybe they just wanted to show up, and if this really happened probably more people saw it. Decent people will close the curtains.
Thank you !
It’s matter of a little class which is lacking in society today. Obviously by the comments.
Get as wild as you wish, there’s no need for a show when the possibilities of kids are around 😎
Close the curtains plz
Now why can’t we get more of these types of stories?? People sending each other to Pluto – that’s worth watching LOL
Good for them. Dont be jealous!
Don’t be such a prude our first daughter was conceived at Disneyland and I must say it was a magical experience
Good for you! Did you put it all on display ? Lol
Okay that is way too much information. Oh congratulations to you and your wife that your oldest daughter got conceived at Disneyland.
I wonder if Kelly Coffey would be willing to reenact this scene. Ya, know, so we can get a visual idea of what was going on.
Maybe he was just painting her toe nails.. lol
Some people have a fetish of doing the deed where they might get caught. Perhaps they waited until the boat came by on purpose.
We actually saw it happen at Art of animation June 2021 as we were walking back to our room from the skyliner (no videos, sorry).
Blinds are to protect the occupants privacy, not peeper’s modesty. If you don’t want to see what consenting adults do in their private suite, don’t state into the windows of their private suite, it’s not that hard.
Mister Toad’s Wild Ride indeed!
That’s a million times worse than the time when me and my sister went on the Donald Duck ride in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot when we were kids. We sat behind a non-American man and woman who were in their 20’s-30’s who had a make out session the entire ride. Obviously it’s okay to them that they made a make out session in front of kids. I was ten and my sister was twelve. Over a decade later that moment still grosses me and my sister out. Which is probably why we rarely rode the ride again.
‘…the Disney Parks as it is a public place and a family-oriented location.’
I wish Disney would remember they are a family-oriented company. They seem to forgo that concept with woke movies and TV. In addition the emphasis on profits at the park over customer experience has faded the best magic ever.
I think that the person who cried wolf in this situation should probably seek counseling because they need it. She/He is obviously a peeping tom. Who would even want to admit that they were spying into someone’s window. And oh my God a couple is having a moment. Let it be Karen… Grow the Fk Up…
Get a life people. Doing it on a ride is one thing. In a room an entirely another matter
Reminds me of the couple in the Toronto Skydome Hotel, who’s room overlooked the baseball field. They did it with the drapes open with thousands in the stands. Many who brought binoculars to the game.
I’m sure she could have looked out the other side of the boat u looking in my window your going to see some freaky stuff freaking peeping Tom stop invade my privacy by looking in my window thanks I’ll do what I want in my room with the lights on bye karen
Yet she looked long enough to give us details like husband spreading wife out on kitchen counter. Kinda sounds like she was staring a long time. Any ask her what color was the kitchen counter??
From personal experience I can tell you this is a go-to upgrade resorts when you are a honeymooner. And when you are young & this resort was well outside your price range, things can get quite amorous & acrobatic quickly. Maybe cast members when upgrading honeymooners or anniversaries want to consider having the blinds closed (because they really push how secluded this place is). It wasn’t until we were going to the Park the next day, not that night or morning, we noticed blinds were open. May not of been their case, but the really sell you on the seclusion.
Wow I can’t believe someone is actually mad about it lol 😂😂 it’s their damn room who gives a s*** why are you looking into rooms from a boat they’re in the privacy of their own hotel and when you walk by hotel rooms you shouldn’t be looking at people’s rooms anyway you should be looking straight ahead! PERIOD! Unless you’re one of those that like to look lol I can’t believe someone would write about this. Like it’s funny and I’m pissed off at the same time leave that be who knows the kids probably just left and that’s the only time they got shiiittt talk about fun police!
Wow- people doing a natural thing makes the news. 🙄
The fact it’s on the news is ridiculous. The story should read ..
Couple catches peeping Tom looking in their window!!
Then we have Disney daring to say that!! I promise if it was not a straight couple you would not have heard a peep about this.

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