Why The Brown Brothers From The Good Lord Bird Look So Familiar – Looper

“The Good Lord Bird” tells the story of abolitionist John Brown‘s attempts to start a revolt among enslaved people in the 1850s. The story ultimately ends with the unsuccessful raid on armory Harpers Ferry on October 16-18, 1859, and (160-year-old spoiler alert) Brown’s execution for treason. Based on the novel of the same name by … Read more

Craigslist adds maps to Portland, Bay Area listings – NBC News

ProfileSectionstvFeaturedMore From NBCFollow NBC NewsCraigslist has just started integrating maps into some of its listings, but instead of going with Google or Microsoft, the site went with the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap. The changes are live right now if you’re in Portland, Oregon or the San Francisco Bay Area.Craigslist is famous for never updating its look and feel, meaning … Read more