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After a year of a successful partnership between the two companies, Catalyte has acquired The Agency Shop, a digital marketing consultancy. This move bolsters Catalyte’s expanding digital marketing business unit supplying leading digital agencies and in-house media departments with the high-quality and diverse talent they need to succeed. The founders of The Agency Shop, Eric Yang, Lance Hollander and Kevin Woo, will join Catalyte’s leadership team.
“The Agency Shop came to us with the idea that we could apply our market-tested process for uncovering, unlocking and unleashing software development talent to the digital marketing industry,” said Matthew Derella, CEO of Catalyte. “The results have far exceeded anyone’s expectations. Not only did their deep industry knowledge allow us to spin up this new business unit virtually overnight, their connections and understanding of agency needs allowed us to immediately deploy our highly-vetted and productive digital media planners into some of the world’s largest agencies. Now that we’re officially one team, we will continue to build off of these successful pilot projects and deliver the high quality, diverse talent agencies need.”
According to recent research by the World Federation of Advertisers, the industry, “Is struggling to attract and retain the talent we need at all levels.” Eighty-five percent of agencies surveyed responded that there is scarcity of talent within their organization. Further challenging agencies is a lack of diversity due to the fact that the, “Percentage of minorities in the advertising and marketing industries has lagged the general population percentages.”
“Catalyte offers a proven solution to the digital media industry for both the talent and diversity crisis,” said Eric Yang. “For over 20 years, Catalyte has been able to pinpoint individuals from all backgrounds who could be successful in the tech industry. We can now leverage that technology and process to create a whole new, high-quality and diverse talent pool for advertising agencies. No one else can even find this talent, much less transform them into contributing digital media specialists in just eight weeks.”
Agencies interested in expanding and diversifying their talent pool should contact Catalyte at
About Catalyte
Catalyte delivers entry- and near-entry-level roles for data analytics, programmatic ad buying and IT services for over 1,000 positions at 250 companies. Apprentices advanced through Catalyte’s platform consistently outperform traditional hiring methods in speed, quality and performance. By giving high-grit, high-aptitude talent the opportunity to launch new careers in the technology industry, Catalyte transforms individuals, companies and communities. For more information, visit
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