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‘Multiple sources’ reportedly claim Capcom’s countdown is related to the fighting game series
Capcom will announce Street Fighter 6 when its countdown teaser concludes on Monday morning, it’s been claimed.
That’s according to GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, who said on his paywalled Giant Bomb video show (transcribed by VGC), that he’d heard from multiple sources that a new Street Fighter was what Capcom’s teaser site is ticking towards.
“Everybody should expect Street Fighter 6, because that’s what I have heard,” Grubb said.
According to the timer on the Capcom website, the reveal will be made at 1am ET/ 6am GMT on Monday, February 21 (or Sunday 10pm PT).
Although there has been no indication from Capcom for what exactly the countdown is ticking towards, fans had expected something Street Fighter related, since its timing coincides exactly with the conclusion of the company’s Street Fighter Pro Tour Season Final.
Until Sunday, February 20, Capcom is hosting three days of exhibition matches featuring the 31 pro Street Fighter V: Champion Edition players.
Street Fighter series celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and Capcom recently confirmed it would celebrate the occasion. “Please look forward to the future development of the Street Fighter series,” it said.
In 2017, Capcom celebrated the series’ 30th anniversary with the release of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, which included all 12 main arcade versions of the Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III and Street Fighter Alpha games.
The first Street Fighter was released in arcades in August 1987, but it was Street Fighter II, released in 1991, that revolutionised the one-on-one fighting game genre and established many of its rules going forward.
The most recent game in the series, Street Fighter V, was released in 2016 in arcades and on PS4 and PC. it was updated to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in 2017, then again to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition in 2020.
Capcom has continued to update Street Fighter V with five separate seasons of content, with over 2000 individual DLC items released to date
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