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An Ohio woman clutched at a pillow while talking to police after her father shot her ‘intruder’ ex-boyfriend dead on their porch as he was trying to break in. 
James Rayl, 22, was shot three times by Michell Duckro, 52, after he showed up unannounced to their home on July 31.
Rayl had dated Duckro’s daughter, Allyson, 22, previously but the pair broke up a year and a half before the tragic incident.
New footage obtained by show Mitchell, his wife Stacie, 51, and Allyson moments after the horror shooting being interviewed by officers.
Rayl left his ex-girlfriend a voicemail the night before the shooting, saying he wanted to see how she was doing.  
Chilling Ring camera footage caught the moment Duckro fired through the front door of his property on North Kuther Road, killing unarmed Rayl.
Rayl can be seen trying to push his way into the property, as Duckro says ‘James no, get off my porch’ and then ‘I have a gun’ before shooting him.
He then staggers away from the door before collapsing in the driveway of the property, with only his feet visible on the camera.
Neighbors are also seen running out after hearing ‘four or five’ gunshots but left Rayl dying on the floor for at least seven minutes before law enforcement arrived.
Callous neighbors just stare at Rayl as he lays dying on the front porch of his ex-girlfriend’s family property in Sidney, Ohio, on July 31
Mitch Duckro, 52, and his daughter Allyson, 22, can be seen here talking to Shelby County Sheriff’s officers for the first time
James Rayl, 22, tried to force his way into his ex-girlfriend Allyson Duckro’s house when her father shot him three times, killing him
Jeffery Hereford can be seen walking across the Duckro’s front lawn, saying ‘don’t shoot me’, and ‘he don’t have no gun’.
He then said ‘he’s dead, he’s shot’ and ‘he ain’t moving’, before he and two others discuss him for seven minutes as Rayl lay dying.
Stacie told neighbors that they already called the emergency services and initially was told not to approach as they thought he had a gun.
She can then be heard screaming ‘he tried to get to our daughter’ and ‘he tried to break in’. 
Hereford then asked ‘did you shoot him?’  before they shouted back ‘yes!’ at him, and he replied ‘he’s not moving, he ain’t going nowhere’. 
Two other neighbors can also be seen standing around looking, as they waited for the police.  
They said ‘he’s barely breathing, he’s having a hard time breathing’ and ‘I don’t see any blood’ before wandering over to Rayl’s body, adding ‘he’s dead’. 
The Duckro’s $436,000 property in Ohio has also been put up for sale since the incident.
Allyson appears to be smiling in an interview with officers, and was heard in a 911 call telling her dad he ‘saved her life’ after Rayl allegedly tried to break into the home
After waiting several minutes outside the door  Rayl tries to bust into his ex-girlfriend’s home as the occupants shouted at him to stop and ‘get off’ the porch
Rayl was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders, with an autopsy ruling that he sustained two gunshot wounds to the shoulders and a fatal wound to the back.
In his final voicemail to his ex, Rayl says: ‘Hi Ally it’s James, I just wanted to reach out to you because I just wanted to see how you’re doing.
‘And maybe hear from you if that would be alright I guess. It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you and I don’t know, I feel like, I don’t know what I feel.’
Duckro reportedly replied to him saying ‘what’s up’ after receiving the voicemail, despite claims by the family that it was ‘scary’.
Sources have also claimed that Allyson had previously worked with the Sheriff’s department as a dispatcher.  
A grand jury ruled 8 to 1 that Duckro should not be indicted on a felony charge, under the ‘Stand Your Ground’ ruing in Ohio State legislature.
The legislation and ‘Castel Doctrine’ laws  allows homeowners to use lethal force when threatened.
On the 911 call Allyson Duckro can be heard praising her father, saying: ‘Dad, there’s nothing you could have done, you saved my life.’
James Rayl, 22, waited at the front door of Allyson Duckro moments before her father shot him three times when he tried to break in
The Duckro’s $436,000 property in Ohio has also been put up for sale since the incident, with the family apparently planning to relocate 
In a joint statement Shelby County Prosecutor and Shelby County Sheriffs office said: ‘The front door was a solid wooden door with a deadbolt. 
‘The deadbolt was found to be in the locked position and the casing to the lock side of the door was broken.
‘Three holes were found in the decorative glass window in the door and three hollow point 9mm spent cartridges were found on the floor. The weapon was located on the mantel of the fireplace.
‘The occupants of the residence were identified as Mitch Duckro, Stacy Duckro and Allyson Duckro, and initial interviews of the Duckros were conducted at the scene.
‘Mitch Duckro indicated he fired the weapon and admitted to discharging it three times. Allyson Duckro said she was familiar with James Rayl, as they dated each other until they broke it off a year and a half earlier.
‘She made law enforcement aware of a voicemail that Rayl had left for her late in the previous evening.’
Rayl’s family have launched a ‘Justice for James’ campaign, saying that he was ‘murdered’ by Duckro and that ‘justice will be served’.
His sister, Jessica, also posted online: ‘Mitch shot him in the back and killed him. And we know more than just that Mitchy.
‘I hope your days are more miserable than they’ve ever been. You’re a disgusting excuse of a human being along with your daughter.’
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