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By Jade Hobman For Daily Mail Australia


An American living in Australia has compared her kind Aussie manager to a nasty US boss who called her ‘useless and a waste of time’ via text.
The former Volleyball player raved about her Australian boss, who sent nice messages to her and staff on RUOK Day, in a video posted to TikTok last week.
‘Australia having a national holiday to check in on each other to see if they are doing OK, is actually the cutest thing I have ever heard,’ she said.
‘You have become useless and waste of time, so don’t come in tomorrow,’ the text message from her boss said (pictured)
‘Tonight my boss texted us and said, “hey guys, happy RUOK day, if you ever need anything, I’m always here to talk.'”
‘It was so sweet and it reminded me of what my American boss said to me … this is when I told him someone else was covering my shift.’
The text reply from the boss read, ‘you have become useless and waste of time, so don’t come in tomorrow.’
Australians were shocked that an employer would send such a nasty text.
‘Deadset? Your old boss sent you that?’ one commenter asked. 
‘I wish I was lying,’ she replied. 
She captioned the video ‘I should’ve sued,’ and copped some correction over the day not being a ‘national holiday’.
‘Not holiday just a national acknowledgement day,’ said one, while another added  ‘Holiday. HOLIDAY. I wish doll.’ 
RUOK Day is an annual observance day in Australia that is recognised every second Thursday in September since 2009.
It is run by a suicide prevention charity and encourages people to connect and support each other, by asking, ‘Are you OK?’
‘It’s more like “say you’re fine when you’re not really fine” day,’ one joker said on the social media post. 
‘It creates one day a year where people ask if your ok, they don’t actually want to know and they don’t ask any other day,’ one more said. 
‘No this day is horrid. One day to help is not enough. I’m sick of getting the RUOK?!’ another wrote. 
‘It’s a HR thing and comes with free lunch at my work. I’m okay after a free lunch,’ one commenter admitted. 
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