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Snapchat notifications exist to alert users about new snaps, friend requests, or new messages. Therefore, it can be quite an inconvenience if you suddenly stop receiving them or if they aren’t accompanied by sound anymore. If you aren’t getting notifications from the Snapchat app on your Android phone or iPhone, you have landed in the right place. This tutorial details several fixes for Snapchat notifications not working on Android and iOS.
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If you’re still receiving notifications from Snapchat but can’t hear them when they arrive, you should check your phone’s volume first. Make sure it’s not turned down, thus preventing you from hearing the alerts landing on your device. At the same time, ensure your handset is not set to “Silent Mode,” as it could be what’s causing your notifications to be silent.
Depending on the type of Android device you have, you may have to use the volume button to deactivate Silent Mode (Pixels) or use a dedicated sound button (OnePlus). On iPhones, there’s a toggle switch on the right side of the bar for that.
Try restarting your phone. Doing so often fixes temporary issues like notifications not working. Press the power button on your device, then select “Restart” from the menu that pops up on Android. On iPhone, turn the phone off and back on again.
Many times a notification issue, such as missing audio, happens due to a bug in the Snapchat app. You must update the app to fix the issue.
To update the Snapchat app, open Google Play Store or App Store and search for Snapchat. If an update button shows next to the Snapchat app, tap on it to update it, then force close the app or restart your phone. Hopefully, the Snapchat notifications will start working properly again.
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The Snapchat app lets you enable or disable notifications from the app itself. If notification sounds are disabled in the app, you won’t hear the notification alert. Therefore, you must ensure that the notification sound is enabled in the Snapchat app on Android or iPhone. Especially try this fix if all other notifications from other apps have sound.
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The Snapchat app offers another setting to control notifications complete with sounds. Basically, this is a privacy setting that allows you to limit the notifications you receive that are only from friends. If you aren’t getting notifications from everyone on Snapchat, this could be the cause. To change the Snapchat notification setting from friends to everyone, follow these steps:
In addition to enabling notifications inside the Snapchat app, you must enable notifications in system settings as well to ensure a full experience with sound.
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You must try clearing the cache for the Snapchat app to remove files that could be affecting Snapchat notifications on your Android phone or iPhone.
On Android, you must clear the Snapchat app cache via the system’s settings by following the steps below.
If you aren’t receiving any notifications from any app including Snapchat, then “Do Not Disturb Mode” could be the culprit. You must turn it off to receive Snapchat notifications.
Pro Tip: for iOS 14 and below, go to “Settings -> Do Not Disturb” and turn it off.
Pro Tip: on Samsung Galaxy phones, go to “Settings -> Notifications -> Do not disturb” to turn the mode off.
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If battery-saving mode is always enabled on your phone, it could impact Snapchat notification sounds and notifications in general. You must turn the mode off to troubleshoot the issue.
Tip: On Samsung Galaxy phones, go to “Settings -> Battery & device care -> Battery.” From there, toggle off “Power saving.” You should also check and disable any automation set for battery on a Samsung Galaxy phone. Go to “Settings -> Battery & device care.” Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select “Automation.” Turn off the toggle for “Adaptive power saving.”
You must try logging out of your Snapchat account. Many times, signing out and signing back in fixes Snapchat notification issues.
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If you aren’t receiving notifications from one specific person on Snapchat, you must have accidentally turned off their notifications. To enable notifications for the muted person, follow these steps:
If you recently connected a pair of Bluetooth headphones or a speaker to your phone, they may still be using your handset’s sound. This can be another reason you can’t hear notification coming in. On Android, disable Bluetooth by swiping from the top of the screen, then tapping on the Bluetooth toggle in the Quick Settings menu to deactivate it.
On iPhone, go to “Settings -> Bluetooth” and disable the Bluetooth toggle.
Uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat is one of the best fixes to resolve notification sounds not working on Snapchat, as reinstalling the app helps fix issues related to permissions or sound that could have happened while installing the Snapchat app initially.
Pro Tip: you can uninstall Snapchat from iPhone’s home screen as well. Touch and hold the Snapchat app icon on the home screen, then select “Remove app” followed by “Delete app.”
Pro Tip: learn how to delete everything from Snapchat.
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If nothing else works, you should try resetting the settings on your phone. That will help fix the Snapchat issue with notifications. Please keep in mind that resetting settings will not delete files or data from your phone. However, all settings will be reset to their default values. You must set them again.
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