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Authorities in Vietnam drowned and burned 13 dogs last week after their owners tested positive for COVID.
Pham Minh Hung, 49, and Nguyen Duy Khanh, 35, were distraught at the killing of their dogs, whom they considered their “kids,” Vice News reported.
“There’s nothing that can describe these feelings. I’m always thinking about the kids,” Hung told Vice. “Even when eating and sleeping, I think about them all the time.”
Pham Minh Hung travels south with his dogs (Twitter)
Hung and Khanh, his wife, left Ho Chi Minh City on Oct. 8 because Hung’s work as a mason had been wiped out by the pandemic, according to the BBC. They traveled south to Ca Mau Province, near Khanh’s home.
The couple brought their 15 dogs with them and documented the trip on social media. Images and videos of the cute pups riding on their motorbikes went viral in Vietnam, attracting attention to their journey.
When Hung and Khanh arrived at Ca Mau, they gave away two of the puppies, Vietnamese newspaper Tuoi Tre reported. Then, they both tested positive for COVID.
Hung and Khanh were forced to quarantine, and their dogs were taken to a facility, where they were brutally killed.
“Two men put my dogs in bags, submerged them in water and then threw them in fire to burn,” Khanh told Vice. Hung also shared video of several dog corpses burning in a fire, and Vietnamese police said they were burned.
The case has sparked outrage in Vietnam, and authorities tried to justify the brutal killings by saying the dogs were a threat to spread COVID. However, there is little scientific evidence suggesting dogs and cats can spread the virus to people.
“It is hard to see how killing dogs and cats can play any useful role in the control of the pandemic in humans,” infectious disease expert James Wood told Vice.
Hung and Khanh were still in the hospital Wednesday, according to the BBC, but their hearts were with their dogs.
“They killed my kids,” Hung told Vice, “and I could do nothing about it.”
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