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A new Craigslist ad for 1042 Folsom Street actually sounds pretty fun. The ad says it’s hunting for new housemates, and the current tenants are frequent beer drinkers, kickball players and gym rats.
The only problem is a single room will run you $1,700, while a more affordable $1,200 option in the same home means you’ll be sharing it with others, sleeping in a bunk bed.
Oh, and there are about 25 other people also living in this house. So it’s kind of like MTV’s “The Real World,” just slightly smaller quarters and fewer amenities.
The roommates have put together a website to recruit other 20-something roommates. Here’s what they say the home you could bunk up in is like:
So, what would your 25 roommates be like? Many of them work in tech, but they know how to “get down.”
A typical week at the Negev consist of turn up Tuesday’s and thirsty Thursday’s to prepare our livers for the weekend,” the Craigslist ad states. “Once the weekend arrives its not uncommon to find housemates across the street at 1015 Folsom, chillin at Delores park, playing in our kickball league, or having the occasional keg party. Once Sunday night rolls around, we all turn down and get together to eat Sunday family dinners provided by the house.”
Sound like a place you want to live? Here’s the link to apply. And here’s the Craigslist ad:

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