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By Molly Given — Written on Aug 10, 2021
You wake up one day and realize that this day is more special than other days — it’s your best friend’s birthday!
Blow up her Facebook and Instagram with the best funny Happy Birthday quotes and happy birthday wishes to make her smile and feel special from the moment she wakes up.
She may be your very own sister or your sister from another mister, but your best friend is one of the most special people in your life. She has been there with you for so many memories, both good and bad. You have had wild times getting into fun trouble and being partners in crime. You have had amazing experiences, and you have been supportive through all of the hard times.
The bottom line is that your best friend is important to you, and you want to show her you care, especially on her birthday.
You could bake her a cake, you could buy her an awesome gift (maybe something she has been hinting at for a while or something sentimental that would make her smile), or you could take her out for drinks and dinner.
It can be tough to celebrate your best friend’s birthday if you’re far apart, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t do something special! It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, you can just say a few small things and the rest will be taken care of.
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If you’re running out of ‘Happy Birthday, friend!’ funny quotes for your number one, look no further!
These happy, funny birthday wishes to send your friends on social media are sweet and hilarious. And they make for the perfect happy birthday quotes to include in their birthday card.

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This selection of super-funny birthday wishes for best friends will make your closest friends smile and laugh all day long.

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Every woman needs her birthday to feel special, so look to these cute, funny birthday wishes for your female friends to go along with their birthday present.

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When your best friend is a guy, you may struggle with getting him the perfect birthday gift. But if he’s your BFF, he no doubt has a sense of humor and will enjoy these hilarious birthday wishes.

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