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Though there have been many great Disney friendships, Sully and Mike have proven time and again that they are the best because of their quotes.
Everyone knows Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan from their adventures in the Disney Pixar movies Monsters Inc. and Monsters University as they face challenges that force them to become closer friends and good scarers.
With new and amazing Disney duos appearing everyday, it’s important to go back and acknowledge the amazing friendship that these two lovable characters have had over the years by looking at some of their best quotes that discuss how much they care for one another.
Mike says this quote at the end of Monsters University after he gets kicked out and they start their new jobs working in the Monsters Inc. mailroom. Even in a bad situation, he remains optimistic because he knows he’ll be with his new best friend.
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What makes this quote representative of their relationship is that Mike is referring to him and Sully as a team who can do anything, but only if they are together. They both have their own strengths that make them the best dynamic duo they can be.
Sully says this line to Mike near the end of Monsters University when he realizes he needs to tell him how special he really is. Though Mike may not be the scariest monster, he’s smart, witty and a great natural leader. Sully wants him to see that in himself.
This quote adorably showcases their friendship because it confirms that Sully has the utmost respect for Mike. Though he’s usually a man of few words, he takes this moment to boost Mike’s confidence up even though he was expelled, proving they have a better relationship than Disney’s Aladdin and Genie.
Sully says this to Mike when he summarizes how every event that they went through and won only happened because they worked together. Sully is not only being humble, but he’s telling Mike something he’s never heard before, which is that he’s talented in his own way.
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All in all, it takes a lot of guts to for Sully to admit he didn’t do everything himself. Even though he didn’t really like Mike throughout most of this prequel, he finally realizes here that this other monster is going to be in his life for, hopefully, a very long time.
Sully says this to Mike when he struggles to figure what he’s going to do after being kicked out of school. Mike, at this point, is so lost because he knows he can’t be a scarer like he’s so desperately dreamed he could be, but Sully knows him better than himself.
This quote just shows that Sully sees Mike in a different light than anyone else in his life. He understands him and knows that because of his ingenuity and drive, he will accomplish whatever he sets him mind on next. Only true friends can know that.
While this quote may seem negative in terms of showing off Sully and Mike’s relationship, it’s actually the opposite. Every strong relationship in life is going to face challenges and doubt at times, but showing that they can get through these rough patches is a true test of friendship.
With that being said, even though Mike feels down in this moment, him and Sully still come together, make up and stay really close. Even though Sully gets sidetracked with his concerns of being caught and monsters finding Boo, he still recognizes later on what matters most.
This quote from Sully might not sound like much, however it shows how good of a friend Sully is right at the beginning of Monsters Inc. Mike forgot to do his paperwork, again, but realizes it all too late. He’s about to miss out on a date, when Sully says this and gets it done for him.
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It takes a huge amount of respect and an incredibly strong bond for someone to voluntarily agree to do someone else’s work and stay late at their job. No ordinary friend would be this kind and instantly save the day, which just proves that they have something incredibly special.
This gesture, in a similar vein of Sully taking Mike’s work, show’s that Mike has appreciation for his friend. While Mike did have a bond with Boo, it was not nearly as strong as Sully’s paternal instinct towards the small human child. Putting this door together was for Sully, not him.
As a completely selfless act, this quote lightens the weight of the touching moment. This act of service overwhelms Sully so much so that he can barely speak. This Disney animated movie has the best rewatch value and it’s because of their strong friendship show through this act.
Though this is similar to another quote that Mike says to Sully in a heartwarming moment of Monsters Inc., a movie which rivals some of the best new Disney + movies and TV shows, it’s more blunt and to the point. It’s like a platonic “I love you” that Mike feels compelled to say as a reassurance that their friendship is still going strong.
This line is also very playful because of it’s double negative use. It’s both casual, but serious. Though Mike tries to play off the fact that he’s being sentimental, his heart for his friend shine through the defensive comedy he uses.
This quote actually comes from a song that Sully and Mike sing called “You And Me Together.” Singing this song about how close they are is easily a huge reason why Mike and Sully have one of the best Disney friendships. Monsters Inc isn’t a musical so the fact that this one song exists proves that this animated Disney movie doesn’t need the most songs to show off Mike and Sully’s rapport.
Not to mention, this quoted song lyric above is just another iteration of one of Mike’s biggest confessions to Sully, which is that he is nothing without his pal. They may be very different on the outside, but these two monsters are bonded by their love and respect for one another.
This line from Mike is one of the most iconic quotes of Monsters Inc. because it further confirms how much they rely on one another. They are a team first and foremost. Even with their start at Monsters University, they realized quickly that together they are at their strongest.
Though they deal with the challenges of college and taking care of a young human girl, they always remember at some point that they have an unbreakable bond. No matter what comes their way, the only thing that remains sacred to them is being friends for life.
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