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Whether through recasting characters or other means, there are a lot of open-ended franchises that are still ripe for more films.
Hollywood has produced many excellent films over the years that have made strong impressions on audiences. Often, a strong film will land a sequel, if not become its own expansive franchise like Star Wars. However, some films are left to fizzle out, either as a standalone entry or with just one sequel. The fact is, some films were just made to be trilogies, whether the studios agree or not.
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These movies were left with a momentum that could be carried forward and a fan base desperate for more of its stories. Although some movies have seen too much time pass between entries to seem viable, there are plenty of franchises that have successfully been revived. Whether through recasting characters or other means, there are a lot of open-ended franchises that are still ripe for more.
Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutchison's Journey to the Center of the Earth brought viewers the world of Jules Verne in a fun, 2000s-based update. In the sequel, Dwayne Johnson stepped into the shoes left by Fraser's departure, and the characters ventured to a mysterious island.
The idea of a film series dedicated to adventures in the world of Jules Verne's stories is fantastic, and the sequel itself teased a new adventure. Regardless of which story they go with, seeing a return to this film series would make for a fun concluding chapter — or pave the path for even more.
Mortal Kombat is one of the most popular gaming franchises, and its '90s movie has a somewhat iconic status among its fans. In 2021, the movie got a reboot. This reboot gained enormously from a world of better special effects and CGI, with some scenes ripped straight from the games.
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Mortal Kombat also teased greater events of Outworld and the conflicts of the universe, even teeing up the arrival of more fan-favorite fighters. A lot can be done with Mortal Kombat in the right hands, and a film trilogy that has a beginning, middle, and end would be incredible.
Guillermo Del Toro's team-up with Ron Pearlman gave fans the best on-screen Hellboy they could have hoped for. The first movie is still thought of as the peak of the franchise's cinematic ventures, which include two animated films, a sequel, and a remake.
Guillermo Del Toro was the perfect choice to direct the movie, despite a very disappointing sequel that played fast and loose with the source material. Rather than reboot the franchise, it would have been better to let Del Toro return to tell his often-teased third movie, even if another actor played the titular role.
2004's Van Helsing saw Hugh Jackman cast as the infamous vampire hunter. The movie was an ensemble story of almost every major Universal Monsters character, such as Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolfman, and Dracula himself. Unfortunately, it didn't perform well.
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Van Helsing may have been a flop, but its star, Jackman, has since aged into a huge box office draw thanks to his performance as Wolverine. Returning the actor to the role and having him face other Universal monster threats could bring about a trilogy to match Brendan Fraser's The Mummy.
Denzel Washington's Equalizer movies have been the pinnacle of the franchise. The high-octane action movies based on the original TV show followed Robert McCall as he was pulled into dangerous situations. Unable to refuse to help those in need, McCall is an excellent action hero.
Washington proved himself the great actor that he is in the role and fit the character of a good man with a dangerous past well. With subsequent films like Nobody and John Wick proving the action formula viable, a final installment to the movies is needed.
Based on Mark Millar's comic book series, Kingsman and its sequel, The Golden Circle, the movie brought fans of the titular secret service to the big screen. The action franchise is James Bond meets Mission: Impossible with an edgy twist that follows Eggsy throughout his dangerous missions.
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Kingsman is loved for its over-the-top nature that takes the action genre to a new extreme. Its great use of classic spy tropes mixed with a modern setting delivered a 21st-century action movie full of great cameos, good fights, and fun gadgets. It received a prequel, but viewers want more of Eggsy and Harry.
In 2012, Dredd was released to a box office disappointment. The comic book action movie brought a grounded, grittier take on its source material. Despite its poor initial reception, it has gained a cult following and, in the Golden Age of comic book movies, would do better in subsequent entries.
Likely due to its original poor box office and past failure in 1995's Judge Dredd, the future of the movie has been on shaky ground. Rumor of a series has been circulating, but it has yet to come to fruition. The franchise's best chance would be to give Karl Urban a trilogy in the style of John Wick.
John Carpenter's Escape From New York is one of the greatest action movies of all time and arguably the best of the filmmaker's career. It received a disappointing sequel in Escape From Los Angeles, which took things in a more campy and tacky direction.
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There are a number of ways a third entry to Escape From New York could go. A last hurrah for an "Old Man Snake Plissken," a recasting of the role, or a passing of the torch would be options to keep things going. Regardless, the iconic action movie could see some redemption in a concluding film.
Nicolas Cage has seen something of a career resurgence in the last few years thanks to movies like Pig, Willy's Wonderland and Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent. Rumors have since been swirling of a third and final National Treasure movie for Disney.
National Treasure is an excellent adventure movie that focuses on treasure-hunter Ben Gates in his searches for artifacts. Accompanied by his father, his friend, Riley, and girlfriend, Abigail, he has discovered the likes of a Mayan temple of gold and lost treasure of the Freemasons.
James Gunn's Scooby-Doo always felt like something was missing when the series ended with its second entry, Monsters Unleashed. The cast of the 2002 movie is legendary among fans and an example of one of the few adapted movies that had perfect casting.
The two movies saw the gang break up, save the world, and battle the reanimated monsters from their past. However, something has always been missing with just two movies. Specifically, fans never got to see a true classic mystery in the vein of the original show, with the two preceding movies all being huge in scale and concept.
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